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Vibrating Equipments

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Grown with the years of business expertise, we manufacture a wide range of Vibrating Equipments for heavy machinery work assist. Our manufacturing unit follows the quality of reliability to provide the highly loadable quiet running and low cost maintenance facility. Our Vibrating machines are fabricated with high quality raw materials that are procured from the noted vendors. We provide many options in this section such as- Vibratory Motor, Vibratory Feeder, Vibro Screen, Bin Vibrator and Piston Impactor.   

Vibratory Motor

Vibratory Motor

Introduction: Star trace  vibratory motors  are robust, reliable, high loadable quiet running and require no maintenance. Star trace vibratory motors are totally enclosed three phase, squirrel cage induction motors with adjustable, eccentric weights mounted at both the ends of the shaft, to set up vibrations during rotation. The design of shaft and the selection of bearings has been carefully done to withstand heavy radial loads.

Applications:- These motors are used in various material handling equipment’s such as vibrating screens, conveyors, and feeder. They are also used on hoppers, silos to prevent congestion of material flow. Foundry shake – outs and compacting machines use these motors for fast and efficient operation.

Their special essential characteristics are : generously dimensioned cylindrical roller bearing, self lubricating maintenance – free, long life expectancy. Embedded in high –quality impregnating resin vibration –proof winding, insensitivity to damp and dust. Dust –tight and water –tight through a sealing covering with special circular rubber washer. Reliable starting by means of a high –powered starting torque. Quality –tested components, each motor tested under load. Permanent and well legible setting marketing of the unbalanced weights. One of two lifting lugs. Vibration – proof joining through the considerable tensility of the mounting screws. Absolutely secure centrifugal mounting. Universal mounting facilities through an optimum choice of inter spacing in the base mounting.

Salient features: Enhanced reliability & low maintenance. Increased efficiency. Rugged construction for tough environment.
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Bin Vibrator

Bin Vibrator

Bin vibrator

Feed bins and stockpiles can seldom be utilised to their full capacity because of poor material flow resulting from rat-holing and bridging. Star trace ‘vibrobins’ units impart a ‘lift and shear’ motion to the material, breaking up compacted layers and preventing rat-holing and bridging.

Powered by vibratory motors, ‘vibrobins’ can be fitted with a range of cone liners including abrasion- resistant steel, stainless, rubber and htpe and uhmwpe for use on particularly stickly substances.

Available in diameters ranging from 3650mm, star trace ‘vibrobins’ units can discharge materials at rates of up to 2000t/h.

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Piston Impactor

Piston Impactor

APPLICATIONS “STAR TRACE” Piston Impactors are developed to cater to applications Requiring linear pulsating forces.They are used to promote flow from small hoppers, Down feed Pipes & Chutes. FEATURES:
  • Inexpensive/easy to install and maintenance free
  • Can be used in Hazardous areas.
  • Self cooling suitable for temperature upto 200 Deg.
  • Adjustable frequency and Vibration Amplitude.
  • Easy Mounting.

Air Impactor Is Pneumatic Piston Oscillator. Piston is made to Oscillates by the changing Direction of flow. The Piston Mallets Continuously at one end while it is Cushioned at the other.

Since Impact has a high energy please rate . It is effective in Dislodging stubborn material build-UPS.

Impact produces considerable noise. But the Vibrator is run in short bursts and used for used for remote open air installations.

This type of impactor works very well where traditional methods of malleting and poking the material are used.

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Electro Mechanical Feeder

Electro Mechanical Feeder

"star trace" heavy -duty vibro motor powered vibratory feeder is a high frequency reciprocating machine of heavy duty capable on conveying bulk material from storage to processing or between processes at a continuous controlled rate of flow. Thus vibrating feeders are used in processing industries for handling all types of materials such as hot, damp, lumps, dusty or abrasive for various functions like flow material from storage, proportioning and blending, packaging, mixing, weighing, sprinkling, screening, scalping, crushing, washing, drying, heating, cooling, dusting, spreading, batching and etc.

"star trace" heavy - duty vibrating feeders can be supplied with base mounted over hanging or combined single motor drive or with twin dual or dual twin motor drives or with multiple drives to serve as vibrating conveyors. These feeders are having a tray mounted on thedrive units. This drive unit is located beneath the tray.
"star trace" vibratory motors are used in vibro feeders are totally enclosed 3 phase, squirrel cage induction motors with adjustable, eccentric weights mounted at both the ends of the shaft to set up vibrations during rotaion. The design of shaft and the selection of bearings has been carefully done to withstand heavy radial loads. Two identical motors mounted parallel to each other on a right and left, which is free to move in all directions, will produce to each other on a right and left, which is free to move in all directions, will produce linear vibrations. When connected for contra - rotaion so know this principle is adopted for handling large bulky material in large feeders.
This vibratory motor stator frame is fabricated in steel or cost in spheroidal graphetic iron and the windings / connections are properly reinforced to with stand the heavy vibrating forces. Vibratory motors can be adopted for conveyors and feeders for handling large quantities of materials is moved by linear force along with conveyor. Usually vibratory motors are fixed at an angle between 30o to 45o to the plane of the conveyor. This gives the system both upward and forward motion and horizontal vibrations to the tray which ensures a free, smooth, uniform and volumetric flow to the material that is fully variable.

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Vibrating Grizzly Screen Feeders

Vibrating Grizzly Screen Feeders

For sizing, grading and separation of various raw materials

Vibrating grizzly screen feeders

A wide range of vibrating grizzly screen feeders are available to suit almost any scalping operation particularly for handling difficult and aggressive materials.

# Capacities up to 2500 tonnes per hour.

# Handling single particle lumps up to 2. 5 m edge length

# To withstand high impact loads when installed directly under dump hopper.

# Sizes up to 3. 5 m wide and 8. 5 long - larger sizes available on request.

Typical applications

Include crusher relief operations handling rom limestone in cement plants, iron ore crushing operations, rom coal in coal handling plants, other mining and quarrying applications. Another major area of application is for screening out trash and tramp material such as high capacity screening of moist coal in power plants without material blockage.

Increasing use in road building and civil construction projects for screening of basalt rock, various types of stones and gravel.

Design and operation

Vibrating grizzly screen feeders are fully floating, linear motion units supported on compression springs, and are driven by highly reliable direct force exciters, through drive motor and cardan shaft coupling. Depending on design, certain models are driven by a pair of unbalance motor exciters.

Deep side plates, connected by huck bolted cross beams, ensure high rigidity. Wear surface is provided with abrasion resistant liners.

Dc electrical brake systems are offered as option to prevent occurrence of resonance vibrations during stopping operation of the unit.

Correct adjustment of the direct force exciters provides optimum combination of amplitude and speed to suit each application requirement.

Oil bath lubrication ensures trouble-free operation even in hot and dusty atmosphere.

Upon request, a separate isolation frame can be provided, for mounting the grizzly unit, which is also spring floated and fitted with hydraulic shock absorbers to facilitate smooth start / stop without excessive resonance vibrations.

Electronic vibration monitoring system can also be offered for on-line condition monitoring of a grizzly unit in actual operation.
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Ball Vibrator

Ball Vibrator

Silent Turbine Vibrators

» Improved version of the ball vibrators, works by the rotation of an unbalanced mass on a shaft, using compressed air.

»Provides a stable vibration akin to an electric motor

» Low starting pressures not affected by orientation of vibrator

» Requires clean compressed air

» Virtually noise less (less than 65 db), can be used in laboratory environment also

» Can be used where ever ball vibrators are used. Available in various size.

Turbo Ball Vibrators

» Centrifugal force generated by whirling of spherical mass at high speed on a through toughened and super finished track using compressed air.

» Works with industrial quality of compressed air and in dirty industrial conditions. Truly a fit and forget equipment.

» Find application in flow promotion, screening, compacting.

» Noise level of 80 db. Low starting pressures.

» Used for flame proof / explosive areas & for under water duty.

» Highest centrifugal force to self mass.

» Available in various sizes.

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Circular Motion Inclined Screens

Circular Motion Inclined Screens

The type universal vibro screen is a new generation vibratory screening machine  characterized by low profile, efficient protection of supportstructure from vibrating masses and virtually noiseless operation. The various versions of these vibro screens permit its use for wet and dry screening, coarse and fine separations and are widely used in steel mills, mineral beneficiation plants, chemical, mining, food and fertilizer industries, coal preparation plants and many others.

» Highavailability and operational reliablity is the result of a highly developed design and quality standard.

» Reasonably priced and flexible due to the use of standardize compenents.

» Quick changing of screen mats and of the specially developed removable names, to allow lengthwise  tensioning using simple screw connections.

» The machine is economically equipped to customer's requirements with screen decks made of spring steel wire perforated sheet wire perforated sheet metal, rubber or polyurethane optimum untilization of the screening area by a deck arrangement which is adapted to suit the grain size concerned, namely longitudinal, transverse, inserted and laid linings.

» Low noise level with grease lubricated circular drive units which run extermely quiet and are of a stable design with low harmonic oscillation.

» Generously dimensioned bearings give long service life

» Dust seals are available as a options for all screens

» Low maintenance costs resulting from a direct drive using a normal commercial motor and a maintenance free cardan shaft.

» Easy, quick installation and removable of worn and replacement parts by the use of screw connections.

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Tubular Feeders And Conveyors

Tubular Feeders And Conveyors

Tubular feeders ensure that all the material safely transferred from the feed hopper to the required destination.

Available in round or square sections, star trace tubular feeders are manufactured in a range of sections from 100 mm to 500 mm and in lengths of up to 6. 5 meters.

Powered either by vibratory motors or electromagnetic drive units star trace tubular feeders can be operated  at tube angles from 14 uphill to 15 declination.

Star trace tubular feeders ensure that all the material safely transferred from the feed hopper to the required destination.

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Vibro Energy Finishing Machine

Vibro Energy Finishing Machine

Star trace vibratory finishing machines are suitable for deburring, descaling, edge radiusing, polishing, surface imporvement, pre plating finishing all types of components including fully machined parts in metals & plastics

Principle of star trace vibratory machines in the star trace vibratory finishing machines the media and the components which are carried through the tub/bowl vibrate and travel forward in a spiral or corkscrew motion with the generated vibration.

Advantages of star trace vibratory machines

» Continuous treatment

» No point of rest for components and media during process

» Much shorter processing time than conventional barreling

» Much gentler action

» No risk of damage, deflection or distortion while processing delicate components.

» Components may be inspected at any time without stopping the machine.

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Test Sieve Shaker

Test Sieve Shaker

Particle size is one of the most important properties of any bulk material. Electromagnetic vibrating test sieve shakers are engineered to provide dependable, accurate particle analysis, quickly and consistently.

Typical sample analysis applications include handling a variety of material characteristics, such as :
# Pharmaceutical ingredients, powder and granular.
# Chemical processing materials, powder and granular.
# Aggregate materials, sand, cement, fire rock and gravel.

Test sieve shakers electromagnetic design offers many equipment-feature benefits compared with manual or motor-driven units. The electromagnetic shaker combines sharp, vertical motion with rotary motion at 3,600 vibrations per minute for optimum performance. These high speed, straight-line vibratory actions minimize particle deterioration, provide faster particle separation with improved accuracy and assure uniform particle size distribution.

Electromagnetic drives also assure outstanding durability with virtually no maintenance or part replacement. There are no motors to overheat or burn out, no belts, gears, pulleys or other moving components to wear and lubrication is not required. operation is simple. The operator places the nested sieves on the shaker, with the material being analysed in the top sieve and pushes the handle down to lock the sieves in position. The unit preset timer is then actuated to test the material sample. This time-control device guarantees uniformly-timed sample analysis. A rheostat control can be set to a fixed voltage value to assure a consistent analysis of all particle samples. Despite line voltage variations. All design and operation noise levels conform with is standards. Test sieve shakers are compact, lightweight and can be easily moved to adjacent laboratories or testing facilities. Each shaker holds six 8-inch diameter standard screen fullheight testing sieves and a bottom pan, or twelve half-height sieves and a bottom pan. Units operate at 230 volt, 50hz, single phase a. C.

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Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machines

Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machines

Vibrating tumbler screening machines 

Vibrating tumbler screening machines for fractionating, dedusting, filtering, control screening, dewatering, and separation of powders and liquids.


Vibrating tumbler screening machines are built for continuous operation with up to 3 decks.

A vibrating motor in the center of the bottom pan creates the high frequency three dimensional tumbling movements. The motor is greased once for its life and is maintenance-free. The screen body is vibrating freely and connected to the base by steel springs. Mts-v 600 and 900 are equipped with clamp screws for quick manual dismantling without tools. With 2b finish, brushed inside and outside.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Low foundation loads
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Simple adjustment to the product
  • Designed for food and
  • Pharmaceuticals
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Vibrating Shifter

Vibrating Shifter

Powder shifters : 

Powder shifters is used for grading and ensuring the minimum mesh size of the powder. It is available in four models.

Sieve sizes are from 85 x 38 cm (0. 25 hp) to 250 x 100 cm (2 hp).

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Horizontal Vibrating Screens

Horizontal Vibrating Screens

Whilst enjoying immense popularity for many years on small horizontal and inclined screens, star trace is the first company in the world to perfect this simple drive arrangement on large horizontal and inclined screens. This single development has resulted in tremendous advantages as far as reduced maintenance, compactness and simplicity are concerned. Besides the simplicity of the drive, many other features have been incorporated to provide a machine which is specifically designed for heavy duty applications, long life, and low operating and maintenance costs, at a competitive price. The standard range of screens is presented later in the brochure, and these are normally available on short delivery.
advantages the advantages of star trace’s horizontal vibrating screens is that use of the following equipment has now been rendered unnecessary:

External drive, with vee-belts or cardan shafts.

Oilbath oscillators, with synchronising gears and oil leaks.

Motor support stand, or overhead structure for motor support.

Snubbers - the screen-mounted drive has eliminated the need for snubbers to reduce damage to vee-belts and external motors during the large oscillations that normally occur during stopping.

Bearing failure is limited to the bearing itself. Particles from a failed bearing cannot circulate in an oilbath and cause possible damage to other bearings and synchronising gears.

Campactness - screens can be positioned very closely with a minimum of space wastage.

 A vibrator motors needing reconditioning can easily be exchanged for a standby unit, with a minimum of downtime.

Due to the absence of gears and vee-belts, the units use less power than conventional drives.
simple maintenance the inherent simplicity of the drive arrangement ensures the minimum possible maintenance. Flexiblity the screens can be adapted by the factory to meet special requirements regarding plant layout, screen performance and environmental constraints.

Specify your particular requirements, or enquire about the range of features, accessories, painting systems and materials of construction currently available. screens are frequently manufactured in various grades of stainless steel for the chemical industry and protected by special painting systems for severe conditions in the mining industry. vibratory motors these rugged, heavy duty units are exceptionally well insulated against the ingress of dust and water. Their ip 55 protection ensures that the units can operate in wet conditions, such as in washing and dewatering applications.

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