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Magnetic Equipments

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Vibratory Screen

Vibratory Screens

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Soil Conditioners


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Screen Separators

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Dewatering Screens

Vibratory Feeder

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Industrial Equipments

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Being one of the leading manufacturers and exporters, we produce the excellent Equipments for construction, pharmaceutical and agriculture prospectus. Our product range varies according to the affordability of the Client and the purpose of the work. We manufactured a great deal of quality equipments to provide a wide range of available options. Our products range includes- Blenders, Destoner, Oil skimmer, water conditioner, Rotary Screens and many more.  

Horizontal Blenders

Horizontal Blenders

Horizontal Blenders can be customized to meet each individual customers needs. Available in Commercial Duty, Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty construction. Each Blenders is sized and engineered to meet our customers specifications. The units are available in carbon or stainless steel construction and optional seal, spray lines and gate designs can be recommended. Jacketed units are manufactured to meet heating and cooling requirements.

  • Pigments and Resins
  • Chemicals
  • Detergents additives
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Teflon Flakes
  • Roofing Products
  • Architectural Coatings
  • Detergents additives
  • Hazardous Waste Stabilization
  • Cement and Grout
  • Brake Lining Compounds
  • Compounds
  • Carbon Black and Graphite
  • Wood Flour and Pigments
  • Tobacco Products
  • Tea Leaves
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Baking Ingredients
  • Cereal Ingredients
  • Vitamins
  • Pharmaceuticals
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Coolant Filters

Coolant Filters

Magnetic coolant separators

Star trace‘s specialized in manufacturing a wide range of coolant filtration systems.  A team of committed professionals with more than one decade of experience are available, who have designed, developed and supplied filters to various industries. Star trace filters are working in different industries like engineering, automobile, bearings, spindles, textile machinery rolling mills, wire drawing etc. , the filters have been supplied to both indigenous and imported machines and also used as original fitment by many machine tool builders. The company has wide range of standard models to choose from and special / larger system can be designed and supplied as per requirement and application.

Magnetic filters are suitable for cylindrical, centreless, surface & internal grinding machines, thread grinders, honing machines, rolling mills etc., it is also used as a pre-filter alongwith other types of coolant filters like paper band or hydro cyclone filters. The unit can be fitted on existing.
Construction & working principle:
Magnetic filters consists of powerful magnetic drum driven by double reduction worm geared motor. The contaminated coolant from the machine is passed is through the gap between the drum and the body. The dust particles are attracted by the drum and a rubber roller squeezes the swarf which is scrapped off by a scrapper plate. The clean coolant is collected is the coolant tank for recirculation to the machine.
Advantages of magnetic filters:
  • Removes ferrous particles from coolants.
  • Improves surface finish on components.
  • Increases coolant life & wheel life.
  • Frequent cleaning of coolant tank is avoided.
  • Con be used as a pre-filter for other filtration systems
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Impact crushers
 impactors are designed for crushing hard to soft materials like limestone, iron ore, coal etc. These impactors are available in various sizes ranging from 400mm to 1200mm diameter and width upto 2000 mm. Star trace can offer duty impactors, specially designed for coal and similar materials.
Frame or housing

It is fabricated from MS Plates and rolled steel sections with adequate stiffners to give maximum strength. Location and size of doors are selected so as to provide access to the internal parts and to facilitate easy maintenance. Side walls are provided with suitable liners. Wherever material comes into contact with walls. Bottom part of housing has thick plate flanges for foundation arrangement.

Breaker plates / grinding gibs
Breaker plates or grinding gibs as applicable are made of m. S. Steel castings or alloy steel castings and are bolted to the MS Fabricated blocks. These blocks are hinged from the top and are adjustable with respect to blow bar tip circle. This arrangement facilitates product size control.


Rotor discs made from m. S. Plates are keyed to the rotor shaft. Adequate size rotor shaft is supported in spherical roll bearings. Bearing blocks are resting on strong and sturdy bottom frame. Blow bars are fixed to the rotor with the help of wedge blocks.
rotor is statically balanced so as to minimize vibrations during crushing operations. Light duty impactors, MS Plates are welded to MS Fabricated drum. Ms steel blow bars are bolted to the MS Brakets.


Generally main shaft bearings are having manual grease lubrication arrangement. However centraliszd lubrication system can be provided on request.


Impactors are driven by squirrel cage / slipring motor through a set of v belts. In large impactors, fluid coupling can be provided in combination with squirrel cage motor.

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Cashew Processing Machines

Cashew Processing Machines

Star trace company founded by professionals in cashew processing industry. As adjectives to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of cashew processing machineries of international standards.

Star trace with more then a decade of development, offer a wide of cashew processing machinery listed below :

  • Steam cooker
  • Cutting table
  • Cooling machine
  • Kernal aspirator
  • Filling
  • Shelling machine
  • Cashew drier
  • Peeling table
  • Dust cleaner
  • Vita packing machine

The excellent performance of these machines has delivered phenomenal profits to our valuable users. The high yield in processing of cashews, low cost of maintenance and power consumption vouch for the credibility of our machines. Our specialized engineering team with r & d wing ensures constant up gradation and address to the needs of the industry. The hands on training to our users equips them to optimized usage of our machinery.

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Pilot Impact Pulverizers

Pilot Impact Pulverizers

Pulverizers are recommended for medium fine grinding of soft semihard materials. Appropriately sized mill chamber prevents build-up of deposits and blocking of the machine by fatty & sticky products. Cool powdering operation retain vital properties like colour, taste, flavour etc. To its optimum levels. Changeable grinding elements offer versatility to cater applications like pulverizing, de-fibreizing, wet grinding, mixing, de-agglomeration, dispersion, hot air drying etc. This is of paramount importance to the user. Centrally fed material gets powdered step by step between rotor and stator, moving radically outward for a bottom discharge through sieve. Clearance, configuration & grinding element design determines results.

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Rotary Retort Furnace Systems

Rotary Retort Furnace Systems

Rotary retort furnaces have long been used for the continuous heat treatment of a variety of raw materials. The rotary retort furnaces is particularly adaptable to controlled atmosphere operation up to 500°c. These furnaces are particularly well suited for the processing of raw materials because the rotary conveying action tumbles the materials, breaking up any jams or tangled clumps facilitating more thorough heat treatment of each of the individual part. The traditional rotary retort concept is not without problems: improper and uneven loading, jams of parts formed at the charge end that cannot be broken up in the retort, the maintenance of rotary bearing and seals within the heated shell and the loss of controlled atmosphere. 

The rotary retort has a charging door mechanism that works with a loading mechanism to load controlled, pre-selected weight charges of uniform size parts into the retort, minimizing the loss of any controlled atmosphere.
cantilevered retort design 
the stainless steel retort is supported for rotation at only one end, outside of the shell, such that the retort is cantilevered into the shell with the free end extending into the furnace shell. This design requires less maintenance and is more efficient at conserving controlled atmosphere than designs with internal rotation within the heated shell.

auger flights convey the parts smoothly and quietly through the furnace. Rotation of the retort has a wide range of speed adjustment to provide complete flexibility of time processing cycles. The edges of the internal auger flights are integral with the inside wall of the retort to prevent parts from getting stuck. Stainless steel retorts have superior mechanical strength characteristics compared to work mild steel designs. Furnace lines are pre-engineered in standard sizes with rated capacities from 225 kg to 450 kg.


  • no special pit or foundation
  • low maintenance – maintenance is limited
  • flexibility – small or large production runs can be handled alternately or continuously; close control of furnace operation is easily obtained
  • automation – heat treating is completely automatic after loading raw materials into hopper
  • uniform loading – a specially designed vibratory hopper and weight-actuated skip loader deposit precisely measured charges into the furnace

the rotary draw

to complete the rotary retort raw materials heat treating line, offers a rotary retort draw furnace with the same cantilevered retort design advantages as the rotary retort hardening furnace. The furnace features a recirculation system designed to keep heated gases in contact with the work as it progresses through the cycle. Convection heating is used to full advantage for efficient heat transfer in a minimum floor space. The furnace required no pit or special foundation.

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Spiral Separators

Spiral Separators

Spirals are gravity concentrators  and separate minerals of different specific gravity according to their relative movement in response to gravity, centrifugal force and other forces in the fluid medium. It has extremely good performance and effects in processing placer of beach, riverside, seashore and stream.

"star trace" spirals are made of polyurethane lined fiber glass with wearable corundum inner surface.

generally there are 5 turns in one start, single, twin, triple and quad starts available per column to suit capacity requirements.


  • Rutile, ilmenite and zircon concentration
  • Iron ore, chromite and manganese beneficiation
  • Tin, tantalum and ore concentration
  • Gold, native copper and base metal recovery
  • Silica sands processing
  • Titano-magnetite concentration

Feature application

  • Reasonable structure and small occupation area
  • High recovery, high efficiency, and precise separation,
  • Light in weight, rust and corrosion resistant;
  • Simple installation and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Low operating cost and long operating life
  • Reliable running with minimal operator attention
  • Strong adaptability to fluctuation of feeding amount, density, size and grade;
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Shaking Table

Shaking Table

Application of shaking table

Concentrating tables are designed to wet gravity-based separation of minerals and other granular materials. There are many applications where the concentrating table is of particular value and cannot be equaled for economical and efficient performance. They are effective in processing precious and base metal, rare metal and non-metallic minerals.


Head motion

The head motion is of rugged construction and requires minimum maintenance. Its internal mechanism is splash lubricated from an integral oil sump.


The decks are built of 16 mm zircon-reinforced fiberglass with fabricated steel frames at the bottom and are easy to clean, requiring little maintenance. The specific gravity of fiberglass made into decks is one third of that of steel, while its strength reaches as high as 70% that of steel. This fiberglass desks also has the characteristic of water- resistance and corrosion-resistance and can hold the shape unchangeable at ±50°c.

Base a choice of ordinary type, groove steel support or big channel steel support is available.

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