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Lifting Magnets

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The lifting magnets is made of high quality metal and can withstand any hard operation. Machine is perfect to be used in different lifting jobs. The lifting magnets is available in different models and sizes. The machine is widely used in steel mill, machinery industry and ship yards. Our range of lifting magnets includes circular lifting magnets, rectangular lifting magnets, coil lifting electromagnets, permanent magnetic lifter.

Circular Lifting Magnet

Circular Lifting Magnet

Shells of our  circular lifting magnets  are made of highly permeable steel casting that is as per is:449 (bss-1617). These are properly machined and provide the most efficient and accurate magnetic circuit. The periphery of the magnets is heavily ribbed giving an added mechanical strength & an increase in the radiation surface to help cooling. The center and outer poles are machined using highly permeable magnet steel that has cored recesses arrangements. This protects the heads through tensile bolts. Its terminal box is specially designed to ensure protection while it is in operation.

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Rectangular Lifting Magnet

Rectangular Lifting Magnet

Rectangular lifting magnets  for handling steel plates, bars, billets, sections and tubes can be designed and manufactured to meet customer's requirement the construction of these rectangular lifting magnets is similar to above with cast steel shell and poles fabricated from low carbon steel. Very long loads can be handled with two or more magnets spaced on a spreader beam to maintain equilibrium and ensure adequate supply factor.

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Coil Lifting Electromagnets

Coil Lifting Electromagnets

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the supreme quality  coil lifting electromagnets , which have on/off capability and be controlled in automated sheet metal handling system. Through the uses of controlled dc electrical current, electromagnets offer controlled holding power and on- command release of ferrous steel parts.   rectangular & round coil lifting electromagnets offers concentrated holding power and high responsiveness in manual or automatic applications. Paral1el pole electromagnets is perfect for lifting or pick and place application where parts have uneven surfaces or odd shapes. Star trace coil lifting electromagnets is machined to specifically fit the applications. Multi - pole coil lifting electromagnets highly suitable for the handling thick ferrous items such as steel plate, forgings, die castings and other non - flexing items.


  • Optimum temperature rise
  • 24” standard leads
  • Tapped mounting holes
Custom designs and options: 

  • Extended lead lengths & lead protection
  • Controlled holding power with optional variable power supplies
  • Selected cord locations
  • Retractile cords.

Note: Technical data and specification subject to change. Special coil lifting electromagnets can be made on request, customers have to just send their technical data and application required for our engineers.

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Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

The assortment of our permanent magnetic lifter(p. M. Lifter) is manufactured using the latest technology. It comprises of the following unique features:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Apt for flat & round material
  • High lift to its weight ratio
  • Easy operation facilitated with on/off system
  • Neodymium magnetic powered system
  • It improves plant safety as there is no direct contact with workers
  • Huge & heavy work pieces can be moved and handled safely, easily by a single operator

Load lifting magnet:

These give optimum reliability, efficiency and economical performances in the most arduous service conditions. Our load lifting magnets have a robust cast & bolted/ fabricated construction that is designed for handling the following:

  • Solid slabs
  • Steel ingots
  • Bloom billets
  • Pig iron
  • Light finished parts
  • Scrap
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