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Overband Magnetic Separators

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We are manufacturer and exporter of Overband Magnetic Separators, Overband Magnetic, Over band Magnetic separator, Over band Magnetic separator

Overband Magnetic Separator

Overband Magnetic Separator

Overband magnetic separators are extensively used for installing above conveyor belts, vibratory feeders, chutes etc. Their function involves picking up of ferrous metal parts from bulk goods.


     Overband magnet separators  are used for the following purposes: For removing magnetic parts from non-magnetic materials. This is done applicable to project  crushers, mills, processing plants and many other machines. These are also used for cleaning of non-magnetic bulk goods that have iron contamination. For example cleaning of foundry sand, coal etc. These machines are also used for recovering magnetic material from ore, steel mill slag and similar materials.

Factors Considered Before Installation:

Since each material and type of conveying has different problems, a number of factors are considered for different applications(Overband magnetic separators).


As a result of their shapes/ demagnetization factor, the long, bar-shaped & large iron parts are easy to separate as compared to short, cube shaped bulbous & small iron parts(Overband magnetic separators).  The efficiency of these machines depend on many factors like the following:

  •     Pole size
  •     Pole distance
  •     Field intensity in the conveyor burden
  •     Lines of the material to be separated

Some of the features that have made separation a difficult process are:

  • Large burden depths
  • Large lump sizes
  • Sticky or humid material

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Overband Magnetic Separators

Overband Magnetic Separators

In many branches of industry overband magnetic separators and suspension magnets have become indispensable for decades. They are used for removing magnetic parts from non-magnetic materials in order to project crushers, mills, processing plants etc. Against too much wear and damage. They serve for cleaning non-magnetic bulk goods with iron contamination, for instance cleaning of foundry sand, coal and the like. They are used for recovering magnetic material from ore, steel mill slag etc.(Overband Magnetic Separators)

Generally, overband magnetic separators and suspension magnets are installed above conveyor belts, vibratory feeders or chutes. They pick up ferrous metal parts from the bulk goods. In most cases, the magnets can also be installed in an existing installation without much expense.


When using overband magnetic separators and suspension magnets, many factors must be considered for the various applications, and it is impossible to list them all in a brochure. Each application, each material and each kind of conveying involves different problems.


Owing to the shape (demagnetization factor), long, bar-shaped and large iron parts can be better separated than short, cube shaped bulbous and small iron parts. He efficiency of the overband magnetic separator or suspension magnet depends on the pole size, pole distance, field intensity in the conveyor burden, lines of the material to be separated.

Large burden depths, large lump sizes, sticky or humid material render the separation more difficult.(Overband Magnetic Separators)

Rectangular suspended magnets

Star trace has been using space age technology to design the performance of their suspended magnets over any belt conveyor, vibratory feeder or inclined chutes. Ideally suited for removing tramp iron in quantities where continually discharging magnetic separators are necessary. Iron is extracted against gravity from the flow of material and held firmly to the magnet face until the magnet is de-energised. The best position for installation is it an angel over the conveyor head pulley or at the discharge point of a feeder, where the material fans out and is loose. In this position the magnet will remove more iron belt speeds (fig. 1) looking at it costwise, this installation provides the best tramp iron removal for the money invested. Other installations have been made with the magnet suspended parallel to and above the conveyer. In such applications it is necessary to use a stronger magnet because tramp iron must be pulled through a fairly stable bed of material. Cleaning is simple-the operator just swings the magnet away from the conveyor, turns off the current and the tramp iron drops free.

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